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True instruction is in his mouth…

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True instruction is in his mouth…

1826302As I sat in an expository seminar today, I heard Dr. Ted Traylor teach the word of God today from Malachi 2:1-6.  The title of his message was “The Church Needs Spiritual Leaders”.  True spiritual leader are those who are born again believers in Jesus Christ’s birth, death on the cross, his resurrection, and that He is God incarnate.  As a spiritual leader in God’s Grad-School of Greatness, I’m constantly reminded of some of the “great” leaders of the bible, church history, and our time has messed up.  These guys have not only messed up their lives, but the lives of all the people around him.  Moreover, these guys have not only disgrace themselves, but most importantly, disqualified themselves as spiritual leaders.  With all of the mistake that have been made on the part of spiritual leaders, I’m comforted in the scripture found in 1 Corinthians 9:27, …I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.  It is my heart’s desire not to be disqualified due to the rejection of God’s grace resonating in my life.  There is nothing more that concerns me more than the realization that I am not exempt from falling from grace.

Will you let your prayer for me and all of the spiritual leaders around the world be that: True instruction was in his mouth, and no wrong was found on his lips. He walked with me [God] in peace and uprightness, and he turned many from iniquity (Malachi 2:6).  Please pray that God make this scripture real in my life and those that serve you as spiritual leaders.

I want to be found not only in a pulpit, a stage, or big conferences preaching the word of God, but on the streets, in the remote parts of other countries, in the hood with the lost telling them about Jesus.

When God calls me home, let it be said that there was a man named Mondonico Williams, who was not the light bore witness of the “LIGHT”.  True instruction was in his mouth, and no wrong was found on his lips. He walked with me in peace and uprightness, and he turned many from iniquity.


Book: Celebration of Discipline

28289016.JPGI read this book Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.  The book was released over thirty years ago.  It has sold over one million copies, which will lead many to think that it is a must read.  I read the book and must say that Foster raises some interesting points.  I shall leave it at that.  If you are interested in the book, then please read my review, if not then, still read my review.   Celebration of Discipline Book Review

Discipleship Training…Faithful Men ONLY!

Since training through DownLine Institute (highly recommended), last year, I have been eagerly awaiting this moment. The moment when I would train Faithful Men! Last, year we were required to train at least one person in discipleship, well I traing 3…my wife, son, and daughter.  Although, it was very challenging to teach a five and three year old about discipleship, I am happy that I took the time out to do it. I see the fruit of my labor. Me, my wife, and children now enjoy family devotional and worship times (more about this in a later post). 

I will be starting discipleship training this Saturday August 29, 2009 at my house. Training starts at 630AM (sharp)-745AM. I’m having the guys read 2 Tim 2:2 


before coming. This will explain to them why I am doing this and why God in His sovereignty, has chosen them to be discipled. Jesus chose 11 men, and he trained them to reach the masses.

 The cool thing about this is most of these guys go to other churches, and that’s fine by me. I don’t care how smart, articulate, impressive, good looking, who they know, or who they think they are. All I care about is: are they TRUE Christ Followers and are they Faithful. I’M LOOKING TO BUILD FAITHFUL MEN TO UNLEASH ON THE WORLD. Feeble hearted and passive MEN are only welcome to watch and be inspired to be FAITHFUL men. Y’all prey for them cause I aint playing with em. (I make no apologies)

Seminary…the Residency was a great Choice

Picture 3This year marks a special move of God in my life. Since January 2009, I have consistently seen the hand of God on my life. The bible says that God will supply all of your need, and that He has done. Every financial need that we have had, God has met the need. It all started with support raising for a mission trip to the Philippines. Last week, I needed funds to pay for seminary tuition (I am working on a Masters of Divinity). I needed the funds on the 15th but only got $500 (scholarship). Then on the 17th, I got a check for $660, on the 18th I got another check in the mail for $330, and on the 19th I got a check for $1200. In four days God supplied the need. I am raising support for my residency training. God blessed me to raise 53% of my support in 33 days, he has supplied us with GOOD health insurance. Now for those of you that are apposed to the “prosperity gospel”, please hear me out. By no means am I am I teaching prosperity (so don’t go calling the The-Pos [Theology Police] on me), but what I am teaching is TRUST. The prosperity message says, “If you put in you will get out.” TRUST says, “I’m taking my hands off and allowing God to put His hand in.”

This summer we were dedicated to ensuring our children learned to swim. Well, one day I attempted to teach them to float on their backs. One child, although very hesitant, allowed me to hold them up and let them go. This child kept repeating “daddy I trust you”, daddy I trust you”. As I released them, they floated, but then slowly began to sink. I quickly prevented them from sinking and repeated the process. The repetition built this child’s trust in me. Well, one would think that after witnessing this process, the other child would have had their trust built. As I attempted to repeat this process, I was met with opposition. Our other child would not lay on their back. They refused to allow me to hold them up. They saw the first child’s experience, but would not trust me to hold them. Even after hearing me express my deepest love for them, they would not trust me. How many of us are like my child. We see and experience the Father’s love and daily provision for us but totally fail to trust him.

Abram had that problem in Genesis 12:10. He trusted God to show him but when times got hard, he reverted to what he (Abram) knew. I too was like my child, afraid to trust my God. Could it be that our trust is somehow linked to our obedience? Proverbs 3:5 says ”Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” It amazes me how God will so Himself BIG in one’s life when we submit, obey, and trust Him. I have personally found that the way in which God wants to use me for his glory is far better than the way I wanted to be used. I wanted to be a “tent making” preacher, but God wants me to be a “trust Him making-a-way” preacher (you get the picture!). I love Him! His ways are not ours nor His thoughts our thoughts.

DownLine Summit

My good friend and brother in Christ, Kennon Vaughan and DownLine Ministries are bringing descipleship training to Memphis.  The vision of the 2009 DownLine Men’s Summit is to provide a venue that encourages the Body of Christ to more effectively make disciples according to the model and mandate that Jesus Christ.  I personally recommend this training as I completed DownLine Discipleship training in the spring.  It changed my life…forever.  Check out this vedio.

Raising Truly Great Kids… is reading a book called Grace Based Parenting. She highly recommends that I read it as well.  I haven’t got a chance to read it as I have had my head in other great reads.  As many of you know, I feel apart of my calling is to equip families.  Well Engage Memphis is hosting a preview with Dr Tim Kimmel (the author of Grace Based Parenting) on August 28 and 29.  This is going to be a great event.  The actual event will be held October 30 & 31.  Check out the link for more info.

The Main Excuse!

Have you ever had a conversation with a Christian parent about a parent’s role in teaching their children about Christ (family discipleship)?  It never ceases to amaze me how parents will say; (when discussing the raring of Christian children) they got to “find their way”.  Are you kidding me? “Find their own way”.  This (in and of itself) shows the neglect and degradation of parental duties as it relates to family discipleship in the home. Furthermore, it is evident that there is no family discipleship going on. When I hear parents say something like, “I had to find my way”, I gingerly respond (in my mind), “Oh that’s why you are still lost”.    The parents, by their own admission are not conversant with the Word of God.  How can the blind lead the blind (Jesus ask in Luke 6:39) or better yet, how can the blind find their way literally.  Jesus poses this rhetorical question (will they not both fall into a pit?).

4509206-mdIf I had a guest in my home who is blind and told them to go to the kitchen on their first visit, there is no way they are going to find it.  They could possibly end up out side on their face (now that would be a major insurance claim).  Deuteronomy 6:6-9 give parents specific instructions…There is a commandment (the commandment is found in Deut 6:5) that is in your heart, teach it to your children.  (I recommend you read the whole chapter.)  I have a relative, who is legally blind.  They visit our home every year around Christmas time.  They can see but their vision at best is a blur.   If they needed to go to the store and I told them to take my car and “find” their way. They most certain will wreck my car and never “find their way to the store which is one half mile away.   Neither one of these people used in these analogies are equip to go anywhere with out someone that has a clear vision.  So, how then are we to disciple our children?  We must start with a clear vision.  Please check back with me next week as we explore this thought more.