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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! (must read)

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Children are a gift from God.  I love my family.  I am grateful to the Lord for blessing me with a great woman.  This woman (my wife) has birth to me two girls and one boy.  I want to share a conversation I had with my oldest girl (6 years old) that I hope will encourage you to continue to teach your children about what true Christianity is about.  Many Christian parents would have been disturb if their child had brought up the conversation you are about to read.  Read it like you would a play.  Before you start reading our conversation I want to say “thank you (sarcastically) to Memphis City Schools (MCS) for what my daughter is learning from the pagans in your school system.  You are making sure that we train our child in the way of the Lord.  You make Family devotion very interesting.  We don’t struggle to figure out what to teach as your system is full of teachable moments?  We love you for that.  We were thinking about taking our daughter out of your system but find that that would be the easy thing to do.  So, we have decided to teach her and our other two, how to be salt and light.


Mr and Mrs Mondonico Williams


Mykenzie: Me and Mary Ann are the “hottest” girls in class.  Me: HOT!  now what does that mean?  Mykenzie: I don’t know but don’t you wish your girlfriend was “HOT” like me.  DON’T YOU WISH UR GIRLFRIEND WAS FREE LIKE ME  (singing over & over).  Me: (no words just waiting on the Lord for wisdom) Mykenzie: I like Jett.  Me: (still no words just waiting on the Lord 4 wisdom while looking dumbfounded) Mykenzie: I think he is cute with his little self.  He is this tall (her hand comes to her waist displaying his height).  He is as tall as a pre-schooler.  Me: (wisdom has arrived) So tell me more about him.  Mykenzie: he has blond hair and blue eyes and a nice tan!  Me: oh! (looking real dumbfounded, a tan? What does she know about a tan) So why do you like him?   Mykenzie: because I think its cool that he is in 1st grade and that short.  Me: (jealousy has arrived)  So…do u like him more than me?  Mykenzie:  of course not dad.  I can’t like him like that, I’m too young for that and plus he is too short for me.  Me (as the shout music plays in my head) aw ok…..

Lesson learned: Wait on the Lord for wisdom (i didn’t look for a scripture but if you got one feel free to post it).  Always be lead by the Holy Spirit as He will lead and guide you into all truth (John 16:13).  We did not get a manual on “How to raise children” from the hospital when our children were born.  But we do have biblical one on how to raise them.



  1. erik bateman says:

    This is why i look up to u big cuz. luv ya the bateman’s.

  2. Jason Harris says:

    Wow!! Thanks for the lesson in fatherhood. “Wait on wisdom to arrive.” I like that. (Waiting on Scripture reference to arrive.) Psalm 38:15 “LORD, I wait for you; you will answer, Lord my God.”



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